Job Description

Job description is an extensive written statement of specific job based on findings of the job analysis. Job description sums up the duties of the job position, qualification and training, and necessary skills required by aspiring employees. Along with that, it also outlines the scope of the field, potential employers and working environment.

A job description paints you the clear picture of the job so that you know what to expect. It helps you to assess what employers expect from you and how will you be evaluated. Since job description familiarizes employees with criticality of the job, how it relates with other jobs and what characteristics one must possess to fill the role, creating a job description reflects good management on part of employers.

There are many other benefits of creating job descriptions. It reflects company’s commitment to comply with country’s job policies, thus safeguarding and protecting company’s interests.  A well informed job description is a facet of lawfully binding contracts of employment, which helps the organization steer clear of economic and legal penalties of human resource slip-ups.

All in all, a job description helps the organization better comprehend the experience and expertise needed to boost company’s progress and profitability. Additionally, it also helps individuals refine their skills and credentials for entry in career of their choice.

List of Job Descriptions

Here we have presented several job titles explaining the nature of the work carried out, responsibilities, qualification and training, and skills required to perform the job. We have also summarized what employees can expect from their jobs, from working hours to possibilities for further progression.  A job description serves as a basis for interviews, guidance for new employees and lastly for assessment of job performance.

The list of job titles along with their descriptions is listed below: