Accountant job description

Accountant Job Description

The main functions of an accountant are to provide professional financial suggestions, audit accounts and manage accounting administration of companies and personal clients who employ them. Accountants do analysis of financial functions of the business organization so that the business runs competently. For this, inspiring accountants have to go through a firm qualification and enrollment process.

Accountants provide wide range of services to many organizations ranging from multinationals and government bodies to small startups and businesses. Mostly accountants specialize in particular field such as forensic accounting, auditing, consultancy, taxation and etc.

Basic roles, duties & responsibilities of accountants

So, what do accountants do? Here is the list of basic roles, duties or responsibilities carried out by accountants:

  • Control expenditure and income
  • Administer payrolls of employees
  • Manage tax returns and accounts
  • Auditing finances
  • Analyze risks and forecast financial scenarios
  • Evaluate business and financial plans
  • Meet and interview clients
  • Manage insolvency cases
  • Compose and present finance statements, budgets, business plans
  • Offer tax planning services in accordance with current legislation

The accounting job is basically office based, however certain audit assignments may have account graduates away from their home for few nights or even many weeks. Especially at occasions such as end of fiscal year accountants have to work extra long hours even after the regular office hours have finished.

Employers of accountants

  • Government
  • Public bodies
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Corporate and commercial companies
  • NGOs and INGOs
  • Expert service institutes
  • Private businesses of accountants
  • Industries

Vacancies are publicized by career service organizations. They are published in Newspaper and also published in company’s official website. They are also printed and publicized in special publications related to the field.

Qualification and Training

A good qualification from a recognized accounting institution reflects the accountant’s expertise and abilities to the employers and general people. Students from any kind of academic background can pursue and train to be an accountant. Undergrads degree in accounting or similar field is the minimum education needed to become a professional accountant. Sometimes specialized coursework other than normal degree in areas such as auditing, taxes and finance reporting are also required. Usually, 150 credit hours in accounting are needed. In addition to that consistent good grades, legal familiarity, good English and knowledge of IT are preferred.

It takes 3 years minimum to qualify as an accountant. It takes a lot of hard work as aspiring accountants have to prepare for exams and train for fulltime employment side by side. Thus, it is necessary to carefully evaluate packages presented in their training contracts. Qualification is based on academic exams, trainings and careful principles evaluation.

Required skills or job specifications for accountants

Accountants have to go through meticulous qualification and enrollment processes which reflect in professional and special status they achieve. The employers are always in lookout for promising graduates with the following abilities:

  • Self driven
  • Responsible and dependable
  • Numeracy
  • Good knowledge on IT
  • Team spirit
  • Ability to work under pressure and deadlines
  • Problem resolving skills
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • logical skills

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