Sales associate

Sales Associate Job Description

Sales Associates are individuals who sale retail products, goods and services. Sales associates are responsible for acting as liaison to customers who are looking forward to purchase an item. They are in charge for all sales activities such as assessing customer’s needs and catering information and assistance on products and services. Sales associates are frontline […]

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Receptionist job description

Receptionist Job Description

Receptionists are individuals in charge of managing the front office of any organization along with performing other administration duties. As a receptionist, you will have to greet guests, handle their queries and complaints, answer incoming calls and manage emails. If you enjoy meeting new people and helping people, a job as a receptionist will be […]

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Paralegal job description

Paralegal Job Description

Paralegals are individuals who perform supporting tasks for attorneys, solicitor and other legal practitioners. Paralegals perform different clerical and administrative tasks that need extensive knowledge of legal terms, procedures and documents. As a paralegal, you will work side by side with many firm attorneys. Paralegals have specialization in one area of law, and carry out […]

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Operations manager

Operations Manager Job Description

Operations managers are professionals who are in charge of planning, directing and coordinating an organization’s operations. Operations manager have to ensure smooth performance and increased productivity, profitability and efficiency of the organization through formulation and implementation of various methods and strategies. Since, operations manager is a senior position it involves overseeing and controlling various functions […]

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Project engineer

Project engineer Job Description

Project engineers are professionals who perform technical, supervisory and organizational role on construction projects. Project engineers set out and determine the location for different infrastructural equipments’ installations involved in various construction operations. They are responsible for applying design and plans to determine the site and can be working on projects ranging from a small-budget operation […]

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Geologist job description

Geologist Job Description

Geologists are individuals who perform different Geo-science related functions related to earth science. They are responsible for discovering and assessing the location of mineral deposits, evaluating the soil condition, determining quality and quantity of mineral deposits and etc. in short, we can say they are scientists who conduct study of the earth’s crust to paint […]

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Surveyor job description

Surveyor Job Description

Surveyors are individuals who advise their clients about land and property matters; conduct various surveys and produce valuations. As a surveyor, you will normally have to specialize in one property area. Land surveyors make use of various combinations of digital and traditional instruments to measure and assess the shape and size of the land, accumulate […]

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Structural engineer job description

Structural Engineer Job Description

Structural engineers are creative individuals who use science and math to design and devise structures and solve their problems. Structural engineers are professionals who design different structures which withstand pressure and stress imposed by natural and human works. They are responsible for ensuring that the buildings and structures do not collapse, deflect or vibrate and […]

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Geotechnical engineer

Geotechnical engineer job description

Geotechnical engineers are scientists or professionals responsible for examining and evaluating the integrity of rock, groundwater, soil, mineral deposits and other natural terrains before commencing major construction projects. Geotechnical engineers are concerned with very minute and detailed technical analysis of the earthy materials and assessing and management of risks and geological complications. They are also […]

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Construction manager

Construction Manager Job Description

Construction manager is an individual responsible for supervising and directing different operations on a construction site to ensure that the project is completed efficiently and under time and budget. Construction managers are employed to manage and prepare sites before commencing of any project, to supervise the working mechanism in the site, to check if the […]

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