Bankers job description

Bankers Job Description

Bankers are banking experts who provide clients banking and financing advice on matters of investment, loans, savings and securities. The financial advices bankers provide do not only help to solve clients’ financial needs but also stir their firm’s profit. Bankers work in different financial institutions ranging from local finance companies to multinational banking organizations.

Mostly, bankers specialize in different sectors of finance such as investment banking, retail banking, corporate banking and etc. Bankers have wide range of responsibilities and are accountable as per their area of specialization but all bankers have to perform some common or preliminary functions like advising clients, keeping records, disburse funds, collect finance information, and controlling.

Basic roles, duties & responsibilities of bankers

So, what does a banker do? Here we have summed up the basic roles, duties or responsibilities carried out by bankers:

  • Meet and deal with clients and customers
  • Provide supervision to junior banking staffs
  • Offer profession financial advice
  • Keep record of bank’s financial transactions
  • Recruit, train and manage banking staffs
  • Promoting new banking products and services
  • Represent the bank


  • Banking institutes
  • Insurance companies
  • Cooperatives
  • Public banks
  • Government bodies
  • Public sectors
  • Saving cooperatives
  • Trust company

Qualification and training

There are various courses and degrees available for graduating management porgrams. Students from any academic background can pursue them and do not necessarily need to have a finance degree beforehand. Although a degree in particular subjects are not required, graduating with following subjects will be an added advantage. They are:

  • Economics
  • Business management
  • Organization management
  • Mathematics
  • Marketing
  • Finance

If you do not have a valid degree you will have to work your way up from entry level jobs such as bank clerk or bank teller. You can also take in-house management courses which will further help to polish your skills.

If you have pre entry works experience that will be an advantage. You can apply for internships or contractual works, vacation works and sandwich placements so that you are fully prepared to take on banker’s responsibilities in the corporate world.

As a new trainee you will go through a training period under supervision of your senior staffs. You will mostly learn about maintaining customer relations and risk management.  While at work you will have to attend many training workshops, seminars, conferences and briefings which will further buff up your skills. One should keep oneself updated about happenings of the banking and financial world to stay competent.

Required skills or job specifications for bankers

Given the superiority of the position, bankers have to perform various functions ranging from day to day administrative functions to taking big decisions and steps. For such responsibilities, a banker must be prepared with following set of skills:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of the banking and finance environment
  • Confidentiality and honesty
  • Ability to work on own and manage a team
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Bargaining skills
  • Numeracy and problem solving ability
  • Capacity to work under pressure
  • Readiness to work long extra hours


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