Brand Ambassador Job Description

Brand Ambassador Job Description

Brand ambassadors are individuals responsible for promoting a company’s message and image to its customers in a positive way. Brand ambassadors are often selected from a pool of celebs, whose image is positively popular in the mass. Brand ambassadors are always on the front line of the company and have to maintain a relationship with the company and public closely. As a brand ambassador, an individual’s main duty is to help develop consumers’ preference of a certain brand.

Since brand ambassadors have obligations towards fulfilling marketing goals, it is necessary that they proactively help in formation of new marketing strategies and their implementation.  They have to work closely with the marketing and sales departments.

Basic roles, duties & responsibilities of brand ambassadors

So, what do brand ambassadors do? Here we have summed up their roles, duties or responsibilities:

  • Promote brand’s name, goods and services
  • Oblige to marketing duties of the company
  • Work together with sales prospects
  • Promote company’s campaigns and schemes
  • Provide desired information about the company
  • Answer queries about the products endorsed and brand
  • Attend meetings organized by sales and marketing department
  • Provide the company with customers’ feedbacks
  • Come up with new ideas to boost company’s sales

Brands seldom leave a print on consumers’ mind unless they are being advertised continuously. This is why companies are always on lookout for individuals with great popularity, a good image and huge fan following who can boost up goodwill and sales.

Employers of brand ambassadors

Companies preferably elect a renowned person of the relevant field as brand ambassador. For example, cosmetic companies elect models and actresses as their ambassadors and a sportswear manufacturing company will prefer a successful sportsmen.

  • Fashion houses and agencies
  • NGOs and INGOs
  • Public Bodies
  • Luxury good and service brands
  • Governmental bodies
  • Snacks and fast food companies
  • Airlines
  • Business and corporate houses

Qualifications and training

Brand ambassadors do not need to have higher level qualifications to obtain this job. But they do need to have basic qualifications and most importantly, awareness and adequate information about the field. They need to have the basic idea about the products and services they are going to endorse, how does it functions, what may be the possible impacts of the particular product/service.  Most companies provide in-house training, guidelines to the brand ambassadors on what to do, how to react and so on.

The required qualifications differ as per the company. However, as per trend, most companies look for good physical appearance, good image in public, successful career, strong fan following when looking for a brand ambassador. As a public persona, brand ambassadors do not only have obligations towards the respective company, they also have a social responsibility.

Required skills or job specifications for brand ambassadors

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledgeable and innovative
  • Appealing personality and appearance
  • Leadership skills and a team player
  • Good organizational skills
  • Able to work in fast moving environment
  • Ability to recall great amount of information promptly

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