Carpenter job description

Carpenter job description

Carpenters are individuals skilled in building, mounting and repairing different structures along with furniture and fixtures using materials such as wood, steel and slates. Basically, carpenters cut and construct different structures as per specifications and install them. They have to work in different settings to make diverse functional products.

Carpenters are skilled individuals with a good eye for details and great hand dexterousness. To be a skilled carpenter, one must also have good knowledge of wood and its properties and other carpentry supplies. Main goal of carpenters is to contribute towards creation and maintenance of strong and durable buildings and furniture.

Basic roles, duties & responsibilities of carpenters

So, what do carpenters do? Here we have summed up basic roles, duties or responsibilities carried out by carpenters:

  • Cut and give shape to timbers for construction of different structures
  • Read and understand sketches and blueprints
  • Take proper measurement and estimate the amount of materials needed
  • Lay out drywalls roofing and flooring
  • Assemble and craft shelves and cabinets and place them in designated area
  • Conduct maintenance and repairment of necessary products
  • Construct scaffolding and other structures

Your functions working as a carpenter depends greatly on the organization you are working. You will mostly work normal hours but at times of meeting deadlines, you may have to put on some extra hours of work.

Employers of carpenters

  • Housing and construction sites
  • Power plants
  • Highway constructions
  • Commercial buildings and apartments
  • Educational institutes
  • Business and corporate houses

Mostly carpenters are self employed and work on contract basis. The functions and duties of carpenters vary according to contract and place of work.

Qualifications and training

Individuals from any educational background can enter this field. In fact, educational qualifications are not a necessity, but you do need to be literate and good at numeracy. Employers search for carpenters with fair amount of on-site experience and qualifications. If you haven’t worked in the field of construction before, you have to start off as laborer or an assistant carpenter. Your employer may also offer you training and courses in the field of carpentry to increase your expertise.

You can also take a part time or full time course of carpentry in college. This would help to polish your resume and also give you extensive knowledge and practical skills required for the job. Courses include:

  • Degree in Basic Construction Skills
  • Degree in Woods Operation
  • Diploma in Woods Operation
  • Diploma in Site Carpentry

Required skills or job specifications for carpenters

To be a sort after carpenter and to increase your chances of getting hired for projects and contracts, there are some skills which one must be adhered with. The skills and abilities are:

  • A good eye for details
  • Excellent numeracy skills
  • Good physical health and stamina
  • Ability to work unsupervised and as part of a team
  • Good knowledge of safety habits and precautions
  • Organized approach to work
  • Ability to decipher technical sketches and blueprints
  • Knack for problem solving
  • Originality and creativity




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