What does an Executive Assistant do

Executive Assistant Job Description

Executive assistants are individuals who work and assist senior level and managerial level employees with administrative works, mostly in one-to-one basis. Executive assistants also know as Personal assistants assist their respective managers in making the best of their time and resources in dealing with administrative and secretarial jobs.

As executive assistants, you need to have very broad knowledge of the organization and its functions. If you have a knack for keeping things and issues organized and like to help others, a job as an executive assistant will be an ideal career choice for you.

Basic roles, duties & responsibilities of Executive Assistants

So, what does an executive assistant do? Here we have summed up basic roles, duties & responsibilities that are carried out by executive assistants in an organization:

  • Devise and manage office systems such as filing and data management
  • Make arrangements for visas, travel and accommodation of manager
  • Handle different enquiries and requests
  • Manage and screen phone calls
  • Create and maintain diaries and notes for appointments
  • Manage incoming emails, faxes and posts
  • Corresponds faxes and emails on behalf of managers
  • Execute background research and present different findings
  • Create documents and brief papers, presentations and reports
  • Make arrangements for manager’s meetings and presentations
  • Liaise with clients, suppliers and different parties


Executive assistants perform wide variety of functions responsible for smooth functioning of any organization.

  • Educational institutes and universities
  • Government and public offices
  • Advertisement and publication houses
  • Hospitals
  • Charity organizations
  • Legal and financial firms
  • Communication and marketing agencies
  • Retail businesses
  • Corporate organization

Qualification and training

Qualification and training differs between employers. Some look for educational qualifications such as GCSEs, preferably in Math and English, whereas others look for proficiency in keyboard, telephone and filing skills. Academics from any educational background can pursue this career if they have right experience and skills.

However, to grab a job as executive assistant, a degree in the following subjects might increase your odds:

  • Secretarial studies
  • Business languages
  • Business management
  • Public administration
  • Law

Aspiring individuals can find many temporary works through an agency, which can be a fruitful warm up on one’s way to a permanent job. You can also be an executive assistant via different apprenticeship programs available on your area. There are also tailor made secretarial courses available in mostly private institutions.

Required skills or job specifications for executive assistants

Executive assistants have to cover wide range of functions at the same time. For this, you need to have some certain skills and abilities to perform your works efficiently. Here are some skills one must develop to be a competent executive assistant

  • Attention to detail
  • Good numeracy skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Honesty and credibility
  • Ability to work alone and as a team member
  • Poised and pleasant telephone manners

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