What does a Financial Advisor do

Financial Advisor Job Description

Financial Advisors (or financial advisers) are professionals who provide clients with specialist advice on how to manage their finances.  A professional finance adviser advises his clients expertly on issues such as mortgages and loans, tax and private pensions, investments and insurance. As a financial adviser, you have to research the marketplace and suggest the most appropriate and profitable services available to your clients.

Financial Advisors can specialize in particular area depending on clients such as making sales of employee pension schemes to companies, or providing mortgage and pension advises. You can also work as a generalist offering expert advice on insurance, saving and etc.

Basic roles, duties & responsibilities of Financial Advisor

So, what does a Financial Advisor do? Here are the basic roles, responsibilities or duties performed by Financial Advisors:

  • Contact clients and set up meetings
  • Undertake extensive review of clients’ financial situation, provisions and motives
  • Formulate and execute financial strategies
  • Bargain with product suppliers for the best rate
  • Help and supervise clients to make proper decisions
  • Analyze and formulate plans to best suit clients’ needs
  • Undertake researches on various sources like provider of financial products
  • Liaise with head office and other financial service providers
  • Study and respond to clients’ changing needs and circumstances
  • Promote and sell different financial products

Duties and responsibilities vary vastly depending on your nature of work; whether you are an independent financial adviser or restricted financial adviser.


  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Financial planning agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment agencies
  • Financial advice companies
  • Pension consultancies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Law firm

All organizations need and seek a financial advisor to ensure that all the financial operations and management take place smoothly and solidify company’s position in the market.

Qualification and training

The first step in your road to be a Financial Advisor is to earn a bachelor’s degree. A degree in finance or business is most preferred.  Financial Advisors come from diverse academic background but have specialization in at least one finance related subject. Most Financial Advisors also have a post graduate degree in business administration. A MBA or related degree is not a compulsion but it gives you a competitive advantage

A degree in following subjects may increase your odds:

  • Business management
  • Accountancy
  • Financial studies

Entry without a degree is rare but not possible. Employers value experience and personal traits as much as educational qualifications. New candidates often start their career as paraplanner or an assistant to financial adviser. Previous experience in customer service, financial services or sales increases your odds greatly.

Required skills or job specifications for Financial Advisor

The position of Financial Adviser is not as alluring as it may seem. There are many vital tasks to  perform for which one must build up certain skills:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong influencing personality
  • Ability to inspire
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Good judgment
  • Ability to make good negotiations
  • Ability to build good rapport

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