what do medical assistants do

Medical Assistant Job Description

Medical assistants are medical professionals who assist patients by providing information, assistance and different medical services. Medical assistants have to perform clinical and administrative tasks on a daily basis to keep the office of practicing doctors on smooth operations.  As a medical assistant, your primary duty is to assist different health care professionals in patient evaluation and examination, treatment and etc.

If you have keen interest in medicine and like to help people in need, a career as a medical assistant may be ideal for you. You need the ability to maintain professional distance and be compassionate at the same time to be a medical professional.

Basic roles, duties, responsibilities of medical assistants

So, what do medical assistants do? Here we have listed out basic roles, duties or responsibilities of medical assistants:

  • Verify patient’s medical information by recording medical history and interviewing
  • Arrange patients’ examination by performing different basic tests such as taking measuring blood pressure, weight and temperature
  • Advice patients by transmitting doctor’s orders and questions
  • Manage supplies by inventorying stock, verifying receipt and placing orders
  • Schedule and manage surgeries by making preparations with surgical centers
  • Give injections and medications as suggested by physician
  • Measure vital signs of patients
  • Maintain healthy, safe and hygienic working environment for practice

Employers of Medical Assistants

  • Hospitals and private clinics
  • Residential homes
  • Health centers
  • Prison and rehabilitation centers
  • NHS trusts
  • Schools
  • GP practices

Medical assistants may have to work around the clock. Part time work is extensively available giving you great flexibility in routine.

Qualifications and training

To be a medical assistant, you have to learn combination of basic medicine principles and supervised clinical procedures and work. This training can be learned at community colleges, vocational colleges and technical schools. Many hospitals and medicine schools also organize training and apprenticeship programs. You can search for search for availability of such programs around your area.

After finishing your medical assistant course, you will have to go through different exams to prove your competency. Only after successful completion of your exams, you will be listed in state registry as certified medical assistant. However, different regions have different criteria to be met before you start your practice. It is important to do thorough research for required qualification and training in your region to be a certified nursing assistant.

Some medical assistants have a high school diploma or equal and become skilled at their duties on the job. High school students interested in a profession as a medical assistant should take courses in anatomy, chemistry, and biology.

Required skills or job specifications for medical assistants

Given the nature and gravity of job, a medical assistant must develop many skills to be successful and provide quality care. Here are some such features:

  • Sound health and fitness
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Compassionate and caring nature
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent observational skills
  • Strong resilience
  • Good stamina
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Ability to make use of initiative
  • Good teamwork skills


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