Truck driver job description

Truck Driver Job Description

Truck drivers are individuals who transport and deliver goods and raw materials across the country and overseas. They transport everything from fuel to raw materials. Truck drivers are responsible for transporting of goods from one place to another using very heavy tractor trailer trucks. Some truck driver work in the local area transporting deliveries of cargo whiles other travel long distance and may transport hazardous materials.

If you are into working by yourself, and want a occupation where you can make use of your heavy vehicles driving skills; and travel to many places a career as a truck driver maybe suitable for you.

Basic roles, duties & responsibilities of truck drivers

So, what does a truck driver do? Here we have summed up the basic roles, duties and responsibilities of truck drivers:

  • Transfer raw materials and finished goods from one destination to another
  • Examine and check vehicle for safety and maintenance purposes
  • Make plans of routes and meet delivery schedules
  • Record log work, rest period, distance covered and fuel receipts
  • Adhere with truck driving rules and regulations
  • Administer trucks into unloading and loading positions
  • Report about accidents, violations and defects
  • Complete delivery paperwork and logbooks
  • Supervise in loading and unloading of goods

The responsibilities and duties of truck drivers vary very differently depending on whether they are working under an organization or are freelancing. It also depends on the materials they are transporting, the distance they normally cover and so  on.

Employers of truck drivers

  • Freight distribution companies
  • Major retail chains
  • Raw materials suppliers
  • Supermarkets
  • Suppliers and manufacturers

The demand for truck drivers are very high because industries are looking forward to replace drivers approaching retirements and hiring new ones.

Qualification and training

Truck drivers do not need any kind of academic and formal qualifications. However, high school degree and good literacy, mechanical and numeracy skills are preferred by most employers. Proven working experience and efficiency is greatly valued rather than formal education.

Certification and license is mandatory, which you can acquire from your country’s drivers association. The requirement to be a licensed truck driver varies as per the rules and regulations of your country.

Most truck drivers receive training from a senior experienced truck driver on personal basis or from a driving institute. They are taught about how to drive safe, the road protocols, accident protocols, safety measures, mechanical aspects and equipments. There are also training and apprenticeship programs available for interested candidates

Required skills or job specifications for truck drivers

Being a truck driver means you are on road most of the time. You need to mentally and physically fit to drive safely. Here are some other requirements or skills one must need in order to be a efficient truck driver:

  • Strong hand-eye coordination
  • Strong hearing sense
  • Good stamina
  • Good vision
  • Map-reading skills
  • Good interpersonal ability
  • Mechanical skills
  • Time management skills


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